Welcome to my website! I'm Carla Brown, licensed clinical therapist. If you’re thinking about seeking professional mental health counseling, then I hope you’ll spend a little time here learning about me and my services.

I firmly believe that anyone who’s experiencing emotional distress should thoroughly examine the problem issue and take constructive steps to improve matters. But very often problem issues are simply overwhelming and many people feel like giving up.

If this sounds like you, I understand. It’s quite likely that attempts made thus far on your own, or maybe with the assistance of family, friends, or supportive others haven’t worked out well enough. If so, it's encouraging---and empowering---to know you have the freedom to explore other options!

Professional counseling is a vital step thousands of people pursue every day to address a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. Psychotherapy services ideally involve talking to a knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive, and insightful professional. From the start, a trusting, therapeutic relationship begins to develop and deepens over time within a safe, confidential environment.

Professional counseling involves sharing sincere thoughts and feelings with a sensitive listener who won’t judge or criticize. It provides opportunities to receive support while understanding new truths about your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations. Therapy involves exploring your values, communication styles, coping skills, and the relationship you share with yourself and others.

At Themes of Harmony Counseling Services you'll learn to adapt healthier habits needed to face a challenging, frequently unpredictable world. Our time together will mean doing important inner work: developing different thought patterns, demonstrating new behavioral skills, implementing more effective communication styles as you experience personal growth and healing.

If after visiting my website you think we'd be a good fit, I hope you'll send a message or give me a call. I’d be honored to join with you on a unique journey toward creating a more harmony-filled life! 

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